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What inner shift is needed to catalyze the much-needed outer shift? Awareness must be the best home for almost anything to develop. 

As within, so without

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

– Hermes Trismegistus


If you don't stand in your difference, you can't be in creative relationship. As a single person we are a system unto ourselves, with many relationships impacting our life. Relationship to work, to family, to friends, to money, to food, to self.


Co-Active Coaching based on the fundament of Systems Coaching focuses on the totality of the person, a more effective approach that encompasses all facets and interdependencies.

  • Inside out: Who we are is how we lead 

  • De-triggering: How to control our emotions during a difficult conversation 

  • Happiness traps: How to protect ourselves from sabotage 

Leader Within. The Inside Team


Create powerful action by redesigning your Inside Team Players. The Inside Team enables clients to redesign their inner alliance with themselves. The Inside Team is that collection of voices, beliefs, aspects of our personalities that sometimes work in harmony – and sometimes don't. 

These inner conversations are so familiar to us that we often don't stop to notice what we are really saying or not saying – with impactful consequences on our choices and our daily lives. 

In essence, they represent our unconsciously designed alliances with ourselves. By bringing these Inside Team Players into awareness, you co-create and redesign how you want your team to operate. 

How do you design and deliver an experience that is “world-class”, paying attention to beauty, detail and flow, so you can gently push your own practice to the next level? 


Uncover the hidden forces within you. 

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