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Focusing on team dynamics, Project Coaching liberates the collective power, knowledge and experience that exists within a team. Project Coaching addresses the hurdles that prevent performance such as lack of trust, conflict, poor communication and intercultural issues.

Outcomes from Project Coaching: ​


  • More skilful communication

  • Commitment: Walking the talk…

  • Shared value and purpose. Increased fluidity, productivity… and team happiness

  • Capabilities: New skills… and a shared project leadership mindset

  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities: Rank, privilege… and trust

  • Supported processes: Free up precious management time

  • Actions and results based on a health check on the project's critical success factors

Outcomes from Team Coaching: ​


  • Higher team morale and trust

  • Open and more skillful communication

  • Constructive conflict, courageous conversations

  • Creation of a value-based culture

  • Higher awareness and alignment

  • Tolerance and acceptance for diversity

  • Increase in emotional intelligence in members of the team

Common Ailments that plague Teams and Work Environments: ​

  • Lack of creativity and productivity

  • Ineffective and toxic communication

  • Low team morale

  • Conflict avoidance and non-resolution

  • Burnout

  • Confusion about roles and responsibilities

  • Silo mentality and poor collaboration

  • Intercultural conflicts or misunderstandings

Coaching assists the team creating clarity in shared direction, purpose and vision to achieve their goals more elegantly. 


Watch change happen.

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